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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Everyone seems to be buying gold. Why should I buy gold?

2. What’s the difference between buying GENNEVA Gold and others selling gold products?

  • They don’t share profit with you; you only enjoy capital gains if the price of gold (quoted in the international market) appreciates.
  • GENNEVA provides you with the safest and most convenient gold trading opportunities based on Syariah Principles.

3. Is the company legal and complies with the laws of Malaysia?

4. Does GENNEVA have a license from Bank Negara Malaysia or Securities Commission Malaysia?

  • No. GENNEVA is a gold trader, not an investment company and does not fall under the purview of Bank Negara Malaysia nor the Securities Commission Malaysia. Learn more here.

5. Is GENNEVA gold bullion genuine?

  • Yes. GENNEVA gold bullion is 999.9 pure gold that can be verified via any independent certified assayer.

6. How does GENNEVA generate profit to share with clients?

  • Experienced and dynamic management team with more than 100 years of combined experience in gold trading, gold mining and marketing.

7. Is there any risk?

  • Risk is inherent in any venture. However, each individual’s risk appetite differs from another. Kindly conduct your own due diligence.
  • For accurate information, please contact our consultants.

8. Who can buy Genneva Gold based on Syariah Principles?

  • Anyone can buy – Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

9. Any brokerage fee, service tax charged? Any hidden charges?

  • No.

10. Does GENNEVA guarantee the buy back?

  • No. You have the choice to sell back and GENNEVA has the discretion to buy at a mutually agreed price.
  • GENNEVA  does not in any manner, directly or indirectly, at present or in future gives an undertaking or guarantee the repurchase of the gold products sold to its purchaser (no buy back guarantee).
  • To date, there are more than 50,000 satisfied clients nationwide in Malaysia, not including the clients of our affiliate Partners in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and The Philippines.

11. Can I sell gold bullion to GENNEVA?

  • Yes. Genneva Malaysia Sdn Bhd is a company dealing in buying and selling of gold products.

12. Passing of Ownership of Gold Products Purchased

  • Upon delivery of the Gold Product, GENNEVA issues a Certificate of Ownership. The Certificate shall be the evidence of passing of ownership of the said Gold Product from the Seller to the Purchaser.

13. Can I sell GENNEVA Gold elsewhere?

  • Yes. Because it’ѕ 999.9 pure gold, yоu cаn sell anу time аnd аnуwhere in the world. There arе alwауѕ dealers іn аny decent sized metropolitan area, but similar to аnу insurance policy, you shouldn’t cash іn unlеsѕ уоu absolutely nеed it.

14. What if something happens to me (buyer)?

  • The named beneficiary will acquire the rights of the buyer.

15. “It is simply too good to be true!”

Well, here’s what one of our Genneva Malaysia Consultants said, echoed by tens of thousands of satisfied customers:

That’s exactly what I thought three and half years ago — before I did intensive research to learn all about gold and GENNEVA Malaysia Sdn Bhd out of concern to ensure my relatives and friends are not scammed. Result, I not only bought  GENNEVA Gold late-Frebruary 2011, I  joined GENNEVA Malaysia as a consultant to introduce GENNEVA Gold.

Having browsed through numerous websites, blogs, discussion forums and having read hundreds of comments on the net on GENNEVA Gold; I’ve yet to find evidence claiming GENNEVA Gold is fake or anyone “scammed” or “cheated” by GENNEVA. Not even one report.

Instead, I found rumours, assumptions or predictions by naysayers, skeptics, Self-Appointed Prophets of Doom and Narrow-minded People Stuck in Old Economy Mindsets (i.e. old conservative ways of making money).

The old world is being creatively destroyed. Old wealth will lose its value if they are not reinvented in time. Already, the rising stars in the business world are building on knowledge, ideas, technology and global relationships. So there, decide for yourself now, where you want to put your savings.

“If you’re not brave, you will always be poor.”


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